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Strategiqual is a leading consultancy organization highly skilled for drugs, medical devices and cosmetics projects. We provide companies with a full range of innovative and customized services. Our assets/strengths: expertise, dynamism and reactivity. This is the spirit that allows us to offer high-quality and recognized services in the areas of regulatory affairs, market access, quality management and training.


Florent Audureau President


He is an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry and has over 10 years of professional experience in strategies relating to authorities, compliance and organization of pharmaceutical sites. He manages Strategiqual pharmaceutical projects and provides Responsible Pharmacists and in general staff with pharmaceutical responsibilities with a global vision of objectives and risks associated with the organization. In addition, he regularly holds pharmaceutical responsibilities as an Interim Responsible Pharmacist (PRI) within different companies. Florent is Founder and Pedagogical Director of a quality management training at the Paris XI university where he has been lecturer since 2015.

Fouad Tarabah Co-Founder


With 28 years of professional experience (Industries, Competent Authority and Notified Bodies), Fouad is the recognized expert of Strategiqual for the medical devices area. He interacts with the business units and operational departments in developing and defining quality, regulatory and market access strategies and their implementation. He also provides strategy and services in crisis situations management related to Competent Authorities and Notified Bodies decisions. Fouad is also involved as an Associate Professor in the Master degree "Quality Management of health products" diploma in Bordeaux university. In addition, Fouad is in charge of institutional relations regarding the positioning of medical devices in the health products frame and patient care pathway. He is the author of a book related the European medical devices regulation (“La réglementation européenne des dispositifs médicaux – Approche historique et technique, Afnor Editions) and also contributed to the book «Regulatory Affairs for Biomaterials and Medical Devices», Woodhead Publishing (he wrote chapter 8 «Good Manufacturing Practice» (GMP) for biomaterials and medical devices in the EU and the USA).

Aymeric Lebon Senior Consultant

Aymeric LEBON

Aymeric is a specialist in quality management. He is a pharmacist and also holds an MBA in Organizational Management from IAE Paris. Aymeric is responsible for a various number of projects, for medical devices and pharmaceutical companies. He has a huge experience with start-ups and innovative technologies and is particularly interested in general organizational aspects.

Alexandre Enich Senior Consultant

Alexandre ENICH

Alexandre is a pharmacist specialized in Quality Management. He also holds a Master in «Quality Management of Health Products» from the University of Bordeaux. Alexandre is particularly skilled for the implementation and optimization of Quality Management Systems in the pharmaceutical industry. Alexandre has also developed expertise in pharmaceutical distribution, risk management and stock-out processes. Our customers recognize in Alexandre the precision, efficiency and quality of his contribution to the various projects.

Nicolas Senior Consultant

Nicolas Bonin

Pharmacist and holder of a MD in Quality Management, Nicolas has 10 years of experience within pharmaceutical industry. He held the position of Interim Responsible Pharmacist and has developed a transversal know how in Quality Assurance: site « Exploitant » distribution and manufacturing. Nicolas has adapted to varied and complex structures in an international environment. His communication and organisational skills linked to his pragmatism has allowed him to ensure his customers satisfaction.

Johana Ty Consultant Manager

Johana TY

Johana is our Consultant Manager. Her seriousness, her dynamism and her organizational strength coupled with her experience gained during the missions allow her to support varied clients. From start-ups to large structures, Johana is recognized for her reliable expertise in quality management and regulatory affairs. With a predilection for projects combining innovative technologies and information system, you will be able to work with Johana on missions as varied as training, auditing organization, strategic consulting or operational deployment of quality system. Her professional leitmotiv: a commitment to the mission and our customers; always with a smile and good mood.

Sébastien Consultant Manager

Sébastien DIAS

Sébastien is a pharmacist specialized in Quality Management. He holds a Master in «Quality Management of Health Products» from the university of Bordeaux. Sébastien is particularly skilled in distribution and shortage management of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Sébastien has also developed a specific expertise in risk management and certification of promotional information activities. Our customers recognize in him reactivity, efficiency and appreciate the quality of his projects outputs.

Audrey Consultant Manager

Audrey LABèQUE

Audrey is our Consultant Manager specialized in Regulatory Affairs/Quality. She holds a Master in Biomaterials and Medical Devices from Bordeaux 1 & 2 University. Before joining Strategiqual, Audrey gained a solid experience as Regulatory Affairs Manager and Vigilance Correspondent in the medical device industry. Expert in Class III devices, she performed various missions such as quality audits of manufacturers/distributors, operations related to Regulatory Affairs, crisis management and relations with the Competent Authorities or Notified Bodies as well as the supervision of junior consultants.

Florence Consultant Manager

Florence Lescure-Sapin

Florence is a Pharmacist with expertise in quality management and specialized in pharmaceutical distribution. Before joining Strategiqual, Florence worked in a wholesaler quality department and she puts this expertise at the service of the pharmaceutical industry.

Céline Consultant Manager

Céline Soulairac

Pharmacist and holder of a Master’s Degree in Quality Management, Céline is our Manager consultant with an expertise in Medical Device and Cosmetics fields. Céline joined Strategiqual after holding the position of Quality and Regulatory Manager, Materiovigilance Correspondent at a Medical Device manufacturer. Also with an experience in a Cosmetics production site, Céline is in charge of the development of Strategiqual’s Cosmetics business. Empathy, reliability and reactivity are the key words to support varied clients.

Sébastien Consultant

Sébastien MILLIOT

Sébastien is a pharmacist specialized in Quality Management. He holds a Master in «Quality Management of Health Products» from the university of Bordeaux. Following experiences in pharmaceutical manufacturing and in pharmaceutical laboratories headquarters, Sébastien has developed an expertise in pharmaceutical products distribution and Quality reviews.Our customers recognize in Sébastien his responsiveness and the quality of his contribution to the various projects.

Célia Consultant


Célia is a pharmacist specialized in Quality Management. She also holds a Master in «Quality Management of Health Products» from the University of Bordeaux. Following a significant experience in pharmaceutical production and medical device start-ups, Célia is involved in various projects related to pharmaceutical companies and has developed a significant expertise in the field of Quality Management Systems in general, medical information and pharmacovigilance. Célia has also developed a strong capacity to design integrated Quality Systems taking into account regulatory requirements. According to our clients, Célia is a dynamic and passionate consultant who brings a «fresh air» to organizations.

Pierre ArnaudConsultant


Pierre-Arnaud is a pharmacist specialized in Quality Management. He holds a Master in «Quality Management of Health Products» from the university of Bordeaux. Prior to joining Strategiqual, Pierre-Arnaud worked in the global quality of a large international firm where he was able to develop his expertise in risk management. Now, He works for the implementation and optimization of Quality Management Systems in the pharmaceutical industry. Adaptability, responsiveness and dynamism are his guidelines in daily work.

Laura Consultant


Laura is our legal and administrative manager, she is in charge of all legal matters and is the administrative support of the firm's executives. She holds a Master's degree in Business Law specialized in health industries, and has gained solid experience in various pharmaceutical companies. Laura is also active in the fields of health law, DMOS and Transparency of links, as well as issues related to the compliance with the GDPR with pragmatism and precision.

Kevin Consultant

Kevin ZHOU

Kevin is a pharmacist specialized in Quality Management. He holds a Master in «Quality Management of Health Products» from the University of Bordeaux. Following complementary experiences at pharmaceutical distribution site, production site and affiliate site, Kevin developed operational expertise in Healthcare Industry. Kevin is particularly skilled for the optimization and implementation of Quality Management Systems and Activities in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries. Reactivity, responsibility and perseverance are his main qualities!

Chloé Consultant


Chloé is a consultant and specialized in Quality Management of the master's degree in quality management from the University of Bordeaux. Chloé ensures the construction and development of the integrated quality system 9001, 13495 and 14001 within Strategiqual with efficiency and dynamism!

Arthur Consultant


Arthur is our market access manager. He holds a PhD in Pharmacy and a Specialized Master in Marketing from HEC Paris. Prior joining Strategiqual, Arthur spent 2,5 years in various positions at an international CRO in Market Access and New Business Development departments. He delivered several Market Access analysis for European countries (mostly for France, UK and Germany), filled numerous value dossiers for France (LPPR) in various therapeutic area (such as cardiovascular, mechanical infusion pumps, orthopedic…) and submitted one Forfait Innovation for an ophthalmologic device.


« Without imagination, there could be no creation » Albert JACQUARD

« Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value » Albert EINSTEIN

« Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other » John F. KENNEDY

Our solutions for Medical devices

Boost your clinical and regulatory strategy

  • Regulatory and market access strategies: EU, USA and Canada
  • Pre-clinical and clinical investigation and development strategies
  • Technical Files, PMA and 510(k)
  • E-Health, software and computerized system validation
  • Efficient transition strategy to the new European regulation (MDR)


  • Health technology assessment for innovative technologies
  • Customized reimbursement strategies for EU key countries (coding and payment investigation, gap analysis, timelines, etc).
  • Value dossiers for France and Belgium (LPPR and INAMI)
  • Training covering principles of medical devices market access in Europe
  • Meeting/interviews with key-decision makers (health authorities and payers) and KOLs

Quality Management and Inspection by Regulatory Authorities

  • Implementation of Quality Management Systems according to EN ISO 13485 and 21 CFR part 820
  • Preparation to Health Authorities (ANSM, FDA, ANVISA, etc) and Notified Bodies inspections
  • Control of advertising and sales promotion
  • Customized regulatory, technical and clinical monitoring
  • French Sunshine Act («DMOS»)

Our solutions for the Pharmaceutical industry

Implementation and advocate of your quality system

  • Deployment of regulatory and quality as per GxP requirements
  • Implementation of risk management process within the organization
  • Expertise in the distribution and shipping of drugs: audit, shortage management plan
  • Quality, pharmaceutical and vigilance processes audit
  • Customized training programs for pharmacists

Crisis management and inspection strategy

  • Strategic and operational preparation to inspections
  • Chief Pharmaceutical Officer and auditees coaching
  • Strategic and knowledge report in BCP/IMP for pharmaceutical sites
  • Crisis management in relation to Health Authorities decisions
  • Transition management and external Chief Pharmaceutical Officer deputy functions

Scientific promotional materials: Certification Facilitator

  • Strategic organization of promotional activities and scientific information
  • Full support in your HAS certification project
  • Mock audits of your promotional system and related providers and subcontractors
  • Training and coaching of Certification involved teams
  • Assessment of Ethics and Compliance regarding Processes & Transparency

Our solutions for Cosmetics

Inspections and audits strategy

  • Quality Management System: Strategic and operational preparation and implementation
  • Auditees coaching before inspection
  • Mock inspections and internal audits
  • Support in drafting post inspection responses and related actions follow-up
  • Crisis management in relation to Health Authorities decisions

Quality Systems Management

  • EN ISO 22716 expertise (Cosmetics GMP)
  • Manufacturer and supplier selection and audits
  • Quality and regulatory training
  • Expertise in the design of Quality Management Systems for cosmetics
  • Risk management process implementation within the organization

Regulatory expertise and product status

  • Customized regulatory strategy for cosmetics products
  • Strategic services for the status of borderline products (drug/device/cosmetics)
  • Strategy services for defining products claims
  • Regulatory control of promotional material
  • Quality and regulatory monitoring

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130 clients since the creation of STRATEGIQUAL. The turnover is in average +40% every year.


100 inspections and certification audits successes


Training Accreditation since 2013


100% of our activities is performed internally and 100% of our consultants are highly motivated!



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