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Strategiqual is a leading consultancy organization highly skilled for drugs, medical devices and cosmetics projects. We provide companies with a full range of innovative and customized services. Our assets/strengths: expertise, dynamism and reactivity. This is the spirit that allows us to offer high-quality and recognized services in the areas of regulatory affairs, market access, quality management and training.


Florent President


He is an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry and has over 10 years of professional experience in strategies relating to authorities, compliance and organization of pharmaceutical sites. He manages Strategiqual pharmaceutical projects and provides Responsible Pharmacists and in general staff with pharmaceutical responsibilities with a global vision of objectives and risks associated with the organization. In addition, he regularly holds pharmaceutical responsibilities as an Interim Responsible Pharmacist (PRI) within different companies.

Fouad Co-Founder


Fouad was our friend, our Professor, the Co-Founder and President of Strategiqual from 2012 to 2018. With 28 years of professional experience (industries, Competent Authority and Notified Bodies), Fouad was an undisputed referent for medical devices. He was involved in the development of quality, regulatory affairs and market access strategies. Fouad was also a professor in the Master 2 RMQIS of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Bordeaux. Fouad passed away accidentally in June 2018 but his values have been passed on to future generations and to Strategiqual: Caring, Integrity, Altruism, and Excellence.

Aymeric General Manager

Aymeric LEBON

Aymeric is a specialist in quality management. He is a pharmacist and also holds an MBA in Organizational Management from IAE Paris. Aymeric is responsible for a various number of projects, for medical devices and pharmaceutical companies. He has a huge experience with start-ups and innovative technologies and is particularly interested in general organizational aspects.

Alexandre Deputy General Manager

Alexandre ENICH

Alexandre is a pharmacist specialized in Quality Management. He also holds a Master in «Quality Management of Health Products» from the University of Bordeaux. Alexandre is particularly skilled for the implementation and optimization of Quality Management Systems in the pharmaceutical industry. Alexandre has also developed expertise in pharmaceutical distribution, risk management and stock-out processes. Our customers recognize in Alexandre the precision, efficiency and quality of his contribution to the various projects.

Pascale Director of Operations Medical Device

Pascale COUSIN

Doctor of Pharmacy, pharmacy internship, holder of a Master's degree in Regulatory Affairs for health products, Pascale fell very early in the world of medical devices which she is passionate about and made her specialty. She is an expert in French and European regulations for medical devices and in vitro diagnostic devices. Her career in industry and then in trade associations (SNITEM, SIDIV) and the French National Order of Pharmacists has given her a strategic and operational vision of the environment of companies operating in the health products sector. She also carries out Interim Pharmacist Manager or PCVRR DM missions. Her expertise is put at the service of clients and the Strategiqual team to anticipate the impact of regulatory changes and provide pragmatic solutions to companies.

Nicolas Director of Pharmaceutical Affairs

Nicolas Bonin

Pharmacist and holder of a MD in Quality Management, Nicolas has 10 years of experience within pharmaceutical industry. He held the position of Interim Responsible Pharmacist and has developed a transversal know how in Quality Assurance: site « Exploitant » distribution and manufacturing. Nicolas has adapted to varied and complex structures in an international environment. His communication and organisational skills linked to his pragmatism has allowed him to ensure his customers satisfaction.

Marie Senior Consultant


As a Regulatory Affairs Pharmacist, Marie has worked in various areas of the pharmaceutical industry, enabling her to become an Interim Pharmacist Manager. Creative and pedagogical, she develops innovative, fun and adapted trainings for your teams. She also uses her skills to implement regulatory strategies in registration and in the control of promotional documents.

Sébastien Senior Consultant

Sébastien DIAS

Sébastien is a Doctor of Pharmacy and holds a Master's degree in Quality Management from the University of Bordeaux. Sébastien exercises his talents and skills particularly within pharmaceutical operating sites and especially within the pharmaceutical affairs and pharmacovigilance departments. Sébastien has also developed a specific expertise in the field of auditing and training related to pharmaceutical responsibilities. Our customers recognize in him reactivity, efficiency and appreciate the quality of his projects outputs.

Sébastien Senior Consultant

Sébastien MILLIOT

Sébastien is a pharmacist specialized in Quality Management. He holds a Master in «Quality Management of Health Products» from the university of Bordeaux. Following experiences in pharmaceutical manufacturing and in pharmaceutical laboratories headquarters, Sébastien has developed an expertise in pharmaceutical products distribution and Quality reviews.Our customers recognize in Sébastien his responsiveness and the quality of his contribution to the various projects.

Pierre Arnaud Senior Consultant


Pierre-Arnaud is a Doctor of Pharmacy, specialized in Quality Management from the Master of Quality Management of the Faculty of Bordeaux. He also holds a DU in Quality Auditing in the pharmaceutical industry from the University of Paris-Descartes. Before joining Strategiqual, Pierre-Arnaud worked in the Global Quality department of an international laboratory where he developed his expertise in risk management. Today, he puts his talents and skills at the service of Pharmaceutical Affairs departments of the laboratories. Pierre-Arnaud has also developed specific expertise in pharmaceutical distribution, the stock-out process and promotional information. Adaptability, responsiveness and dynamism are his guidelines in daily work.

Florence Senior Consultant

Florence Lescure-Sapin

Florence is a Pharmacist with expertise in quality management and specialized in pharmaceutical distribution. Before joining Strategiqual, Florence worked in a wholesaler and puts this expertise at the service of the pharmaceutical industry.

Fanny Senior Consultant

Fanny Stein

Fanny is a graduate of Strasbourg's Master in Pharmaceutical Science, specializing in Community Law and Pharmaceutical Regulations. With 10 years' experience in the pharmaceutical industry, she has acquired solid skills in Regulatory Affairs, particularly in advertising control. She will accompany you on your missions with a smile and good humor.

Audeline Senior Consultant


Audeline is a Doctor of Pharmacy and holds a Master Health Industry Regulatory Affairs from the University of Paris-Sud. Before joining Strategiqual, Audeline acquired solid experience in medical devices regulation, quality and market access. Its expertise also allows it to carry out PRRC DM missions. Smiling and positive, Audeline will accompany you with dynamism in your projects.

Aurélie Senior Consultant


Aurélie holds a Master's degree in Health Engineering from the Faculty of Health Engineering and Management of Lille. She has specialized, for more than 20 years, in Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs in the medical device industry, all classes. Before joining Strategiqual, Aurélie worked in various companies from SMEs to multinationals, as manufacturers, importers or distributors. She will guide you with professionalism and good humor through your projects of compliance with the regulations or the implementation of your quality system.

Delphine Senior Consultant


Delphine is Doctor of Pharmacy from Nantes University, her previous experiences have allowed her to acquire a strong Quality and Regulatory expertise in the field of Medical Devices (MD) and In Vitro Diagnostic MD, and more particularly in design control. Delphine also involves her skills as a facilitator and her willingness to transmit, by giving courses in the specialized DM faculties and schools while developing the activity of the Strategiqual training departement: SQILS.

Angélique Senior Consultant

Angélique HOUEL

Angélique graduated from the European School of Chemistry, Polymers and Materials in Strasbourg, France, with a major in Analytical Chemistry. She also holds an Executive Master in Business Consulting and Project Management from ESCP Europe. Her 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry have allowed her to acquire solid skills in the fields of Quality, Regulations and Vigilances, as well as in project management, skills that she now makes available to our clients.

Vincent Senior Consultant

Vincent LERE

Ingénieur Génie biomédical, titulaire d'un master Biomatériaux, Vincent travaille depuis plus de 10 ans dans l'univers du dispositif médical. Ingénieur R&d puis méthodes, Vincent s'est tourné vers l'Assurance Qualité et les Affaires Règlementaires il y a une dizaine d'années. Son parcours en industrie dans des domaines conccurentiels sur des dispositifs médicaux complexe lui donne une vision stratégique et opérationnelle des besoins des entreprises de DM et DMDIV. Son expérience est mise au service des clients pour faciliter le développement et l'accès au marché des entreprises. Pragmatique, Vincent vous accompagnera avec dynamisme dans vos projets.

Shanyate Senior Consultant

Shanyate SIMONIN

With an engineering degree, Shanyate Simonin has acquired a strong background in Quality management and regulatory activities related to medical devices, with regards to Regulation 2017/745. Shanyate has also developed a strong experience in matters related to the protection of personal data, with regards to Regulation 2016/679. She will accompany you on your missions with her smile and her communicative good mood.

Marc Manager Consultant


Marc is a consultant and specialized in Quality Management of the master's degree in quality management from the University of Bordeaux. With his experience in renowned pharmaceutical laboratories, Marc provides multi-faceted missions on pharmaceutical operating sites in the field of quality management, medical information and pharmacovigilance.

Clémence Manager Consultant


Clémence is a Doctor of Pharmacy specialized in International and European Regulation of health product of Lille Faculty. Before joining Strategiqual, Clémence acquired varied experience in medical devices regulation, quality and clinical. Dynamic and organized, she will accompany you on your missions with smile.

Thomas Manager Consultant


Thomas holds a State Diploma of Doctor of Pharmacy in Industry and a Master 2 Professional: Cellular and Molecular Infection, vaccinology from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Tours. Thanks to his previous professional experiences, Thomas puts his expertise at the service of the pharmaceutical industry.

Aude Manager Consultant


Aude is also graduated with a master's degree "International Regulatory Environment for Health Companies and Products". Aude is recognised for her expertise in Regulatory Affairs. She will assist you on your different missions always with a smile.

Laura Manager Consultant


Laura holds a Master II in Development and Control of Health Products from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Nantes. Before joining Strategiqual, Laura acquired a varied experience in the fields of regulation, quality management and clinical investigations of medical devices. She uses her pragmatism and pedagogy to support our clients.

Marie-Astrid Manager Consultant

Marie-Astrid ROBERT

Marie-Astrid holds a Master's degree in International Drug Development and Registration (DEIM) from the University of Pharmacy Paris-Sud XI. Her previous experiences have given her a solid expertise in International Regulatory Affairs and Pharmaceutical Liability. Marie-Astrid offers her skills to our Training Department by participating in the planning, preparation and animation of training sessions. She also provides real support to the Pharmaceutical Division.

Virginie Manager Consultant

Virginie SUCCO

Virginie is a graduate of TECSAN (Technologies for Health). Before joining Strategiqual, Virginie developed a solid experience in Pharmacovigilance. Her expertise allows her to carry out numerous missions in Pharmacovigilance and Quality. Virginie will accompany you with dynamism in your projects.

Ilana Operational Consultant


Ilana is a pharmacist and holds a Master 2 in Quality Management from the University of Bordeaux. Thanks to her experiences in operating pharmaceutical companies, Ilana has developed various skills in quality management. She will put her expertise at the service of her clients with rigor and dedication and always in a good mood.

Inès Operational Consultant


A graduate of the Polytech School of Engineering, specializing in Biological Engineering and Health, Inès joined Strategiqual as an operational consultant. Her experience in an operating laboratory has given her the necessary skills to provide quality work in terms of Quality Management. Optimistic, pragmatic and conscientious, Inès is not afraid of challenges and is always ready to put her skills at the service of pharmaceutical operating sites and companies in the medical device industry.

Ecaterina Operational Consultant

Ecaterina MAFTEI

Ecaterina is a pharmacist and holder of a Master 2 in Quality Management from the University of Bordeaux. As a consultant at Strategiqual, Ecaterina assists our clients on Quality and Regulatory affairs. Having already worked on projects involving the implementation and animation of the Environmental Management System, Ecaterina supports our clients wishing to adopt an ecological resilience approach. Rigor, professionalism and reactivity are the key words of Ecaterina.

Joanna Operational Consultant


Joanna works in the training department and supports you in the deployment of our e-learning solutions as well as in educational innovation. As a biologist specialized in microbiology and HSE, she also brings her expertise during quality audits. Our clients appreciate her agility, her reactivity and her support on the various subjects discussed with her.

Heloïse Operational Consultant


Héloïse holds a Master 2 in Health Industries and Products Law, completed at the University of Paris. She works in the field of health law, and in particular on issues related to the law of benefits, the Transparency of links and the Protection of Personal Data. She also provides legal support to members of the firm.

Miranda Operational Consultant

Miranda GRANT

Graduate of the Master 2 "European and International Regulatory Affairs of Health Products", Miranda is specialized in the regulation of health products. Thanks to the experience she has acquired through various missions within small and large companies, she puts all her know-how to meet our clients' expectations as closely as possible.

Thomas Manager Consultant


Thomas is a Doctor of Pharmacy and holds a Master 2 in Quality Management from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Bordeaux. With experiences on manufacturing and operating ("exploitant") sites, Thomas will support you with availability and rigor on various missions in the field of Pharmaceutical Affairs on operating ("exploitant") sites.

Gwendoline Operational Consultant


Gwendoline is a pharmacist and holds a Master degree in Quality Management from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Châtenay-malabry. Before joining Strategiqual, Gwendoline acquired experience in Product Quality Assurance.

Audrey Operational Consultant


Audrey is a pharmacist with a Master in Quality Management from the Faculty of Pharmacy in Bordeaux. You will be working with her on various assignments related to Pharmaceutical Affairs. Rigour and dynamism are her guidelines in daily work.

Yosra Operational Consultant


Yosra is a PharmD candidate specialized in Quality Management thanks to a Master degree. Her previous experiences within manufacturing sites, as in supplier QA made her Polyvalent and well-aware about the various processes related to Pharmaceutical Affairs. Dynamic, rigorous and very cheerful, Yosra is at your disposal to help you out on your missions and audits.

Bérengère Alternating

Bérengère DUFILHOL

Bérengère is a student in the Medical Device Department where she is improving her knowledge in quality and regulatory affairs. As a pharmacy student, she is completing her degree at the University of Paris-Saclay where she joined the Master 2 Medical Device: Evaluation, Registration and Vigilance.

Kézia Operational Consultant


Kézia has a degree in Drug Sciences and holds a Master 2 in Medical Devices: Evaluation, Registration and Vigilance from the University of Paris Saclay. Thanks to her experience in medical devices manufacturers and distributors, you can trust her to help you with dynamism and relevance on your missions.

Isaura Operational Consultant


Isaura has completed a Master 2 in Industrial Property and Innovation in Health at the University of Paris 8. She works in the field of health law and data protection as well as on various legal issues.

Stéphanie Operational Consultant

Stéphanie HUNG

Stéphanie is a pharmacist graduated from Paris Saclay University and holds a Master's degree in Quality Management from Bordeaux University. With a particular interest in innovative technologies and softwares, Stéphanie now puts her expertise in Quality and Regulatory Affairs at the service of companies in the medical device industry.

Thomas Operational Consultant


Thomas is a Pharmacist and holds a Masters Degree in Pharmaceutical Regulation and Law from the University of Strasbourg. He will put his expertise in Pharmaceutical Affairs and Exploitant Regulation in the service of pharmaceutical companies.

Emma Alternating


Emma is currently in a Master's degree in Health Industries Regulatory Affairs (ARIS) at the University of Paris Saclay as part of her 6th year of pharmacy.

Sandrine Operational Consultant

Sandrine TORNIER

Graduated from the ISIFC of Besançon, Sandrine is an engineer specialized in medical devices (Computer Aided Design, electronics,...). Her interest in the health field and her experiences have enabled her to acquire skills in Quality, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs. Rigorous, adaptable and attentive, Sandrine is always ready for a new challenge.

Alice Operational Consultant


Alice has a Master's degree in Business Process Engineering (IMP) from the University of Toulouse Capitole. With a strong experience in the field of software and connected MD, Alice now puts her skills in quality and regulations acquired on the field at the service of companies in the medical device industry.

Marion Human Resources


Marion holds a Master's degree in Skills Development and Training in Europe from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. After consolidating her expertise during her various professional experiences, Marion is now in charge of our Human Resources Department.

Marie Financial and Administrative


Marie is a graduate of a business school. Her expertise in accounting and financial management, management and organization as well as network management allows her to manage our Administrative and Financial Department.

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